COVID-19 Local Community Relief

The Anspar Foundation has created a COVID-19 relief response fund to help people and organizations impacted by the ongoing 2020 pandemic. Although this is outside of the Foundation's normal remit of studying organizational openness and transparency, the unique and widespread nature of this global emergency has compelled us to help out in our local communities.

Open Game Labs

This project is studying the costs and benefits of sharing intellectual property in a creative context. Through a study of games of similar type and scope, but with varying licenses on the copyrighted materials we hope to get a clear understanding of how open licences for creative content affect the viability of businesses that create that content.

Technology-enabled Organizational Transparency and Openness (TOTO)

This grant funds graduate and post-graduate research at University College Cork.

About the Foundation

The Anspar Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private foundation (EIN 26-3604285). Founded in 2009 as "The Lewis Charitable Foundation", its mission has from the outset to investigate openness and transparency. In 2020 the first independent Board of Directors was appointed and the name was changed to "Anspar".